Oil-fired boiler servicing and installation

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Condensing Oil Boilers

We offer complete installation, commissioning, servicing and break down of all oil-fired boilers and can supply, install and service oil tanks and oil lines.

We are fully trained and OFTEC registered, so you can be assured of our safety and quality services.

Having udertaken advanced training in Grant oil boilers and Riello burners and carring spare parts for the most used burners we can answer all your breakdown callout.

Most new oil boilers must be condensing even if you replace an existing traditional oil boiler. On only really rare occasion based on really strict rules a traditional boiler can now be installed.

Condensing Oil Boiler Sevice Heating Enginneer South Molton Barnstaple North Devon

Condensing boilers differ from conventional boilers in that they must be above 95% of efficiency and are designed to capture heat normally lost through the flue system during the combustion process.

Unlike traditional oil-fired boilers the Grant Vortex condensing boiler has a built-in stainless steel heat exchanger incorporating Grant’s unique turbulator baffle system, which cools the gases to a point where the latent heat, normally lost to the atmosphere through the flue, can be usefully extracted.

The additional energy recovered enables the boiler to operate continuously at much higher efficiency levels, resulting in lower heating and hot water running costs.