MagnaClean filters and flush

Magnetic central heating filters can keep your central heating system running much smoother and efficiently for longer. They keep your system free of sludge build ups in your boiler and radiators and can reduce your running cost.

We always advise our customers to install the Adey Magnaclean to every new boiler installed.

North Devon MagnaClean

Adey Magnaclean will protect and increases the life span of the boiler, pump, motorized valves and  all components of the heating system and will keep your system performing at its best.

For maintenance, it only requires cleaning yearly which could be carried out at the same time as your boiler service.

It can also be added at any time to any new or existing system with ease.

We usually recommend a Magnaflush when magnaclean filter is installed to an existing system to flush out all of the existing debris and bring back your system to its best possible efficiency.

Magnaclean’s central heating filters collect both magnetic and nonmagnetic particles in your heating system.


Magnaclean flush

Why a Magnaflush instead of a power flush?


MagnaClean Flush Barnstaple

Power flushes are known to stress the system when a flush is carried out.

A power flush removes sludge and debris from the system by forcing water into it.

But by applying pressure to it, weak points of your system may start to give up and leaks can appear.

Magnaflush does not apply pressure to your system!

Strong twin Magnaclean filter kits external kits are fitted to the existing Magnaclean filter boiler connection.

Then, using the existing circulating pump in your system for the heated water, vibration is applied to every single radiator one by one to dislodge any sludge and particles in your system.

All of this is then caught in the external filter kit before entering your boiler.

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