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The era of cheap energy is over. Escalating fuel costs and government determination to move us towards a low carbon future mean that efficiency and economy in energy use is more vital than ever.

There are many alternative technologies and points of supply on the market, but which one will suit you?

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To save money on you heating bills, some simple upgrades can be made to your existing heating system.

First - Closing the doors of the rooms you don’t use.

Second - Set your thermostatic radiators valve correctly. Fit TRV valves if your radiators are not equipped.

Third -  Upgrade your insulation level. E.g. loft insulation, cavity walls and double glazing.

Fourth - Upgrading your controls from no room stat or an existing analogue room stat to a fully programmable room stat with setback temperature. This will give you better comfort, more control, protect your house and more importantly save you money.

A programmable room stat can achieve this by being more accurate for the room temperature control. It only requires the boiler to work when it needs it and does not lett your house getting too cold overnight. It also give you frost protection by keeping a minimum heat, even if the heating is turned off.

A simple way to explain this is to compare it with a car. Like a car, by using a programmable room stat your boiler is cruising along by toping up the heat loss of your house during the day instead of rushing suddenly when the clock start to achieve the desired temperature as quickly as possible then stop for the next time slot.

Fifth - Another simple upgrade wish will help you is to keep your heating system as efficient as possible.

You can achieve this by fitting a magnetic filter to you system. This will prevent the building of gunk in your radiators, pipe work and boiler. It will catch any debris and remove any ion from radiators and boiler in the water via the powerful magnet filter (black water when you drain down your heating system .

This will help your heating system staying clean efficient and it will extend the life of your system by preserving it.

Sixth - Upgrading from any traditional boilers to the latest high efficiency gas or oil condensing boilers will help reduce your heating running cost.

Seventh - And finally maybe rethink and upgrade all your heating system including hot water by moving toward greener and more efficient system.


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We can help you and advice on the best solution for your needs.

As a forward-thinking company, we will give you impartial, knowledgeable advice and first-class service from some simple upgrades to a full installation that will not only help you to help the planet, but will also keep your energy bills to a minimum.

We are accredited Mitsubishi ecodan heat pump installers and can offer expert advice on these revolutionary eco-friendly heating units.

For more information check out our eco and renewables page here.

Special VAT rates, grants and Feed in tariffs may be available to you for a variety of eco products.

We may be able to assist you in receiving an eco-grant for your eco product installation costs. Contact us for more information.

Tips on how to set your heating system

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