Central heating controls

Central heating system vary from a basic clock to a full room by room individual control manageable from a center pad controler or via your smart phone & tablet.

We can assist and guide you to choose the wright system for you.


Basic controls

The basic system and minimum requirement for energy saving is composed of a timer and a room stat if used with a combi boiler.

When a boiler and hot water cylinder are installed, the system is then controlled via a two channel clock (heating, hot water) with a room stat and cylinder stat. All controlling the motorised valve witch then fires the boiler (S plan or Y plan).

Programmable room stats

Programmable room stats

Upgrading from a basic heating control would include changing the basic ON/OFF room stat to a programmable room stat with setback temperature.

One zone or multi zones can be controlled via the motorised valves as long as the pipe work has been set as such (e.g. Ground floor / 1st floor).

This will allow you to ask the system for different temperature targets at different times of the day.

For example when at home the target temperature could be 21°C then drop it to 16°C over night.

This adds comfort to your home by never truly letting your house get cold and it is often more efficient as the boiler doesn’t have to work so hard to bring back your home to a comfortable temperature after being switched off over night for example.

Evohome smart heating system

With a thermostat-based heating system, you're controlling when and how your entire home reaches a set temperature.

However with Evohome you can control each room individually without the need of re-plumbing or re-wiring your house (Wi-Fi based system).

With the help of smart radiator valves or room stats controlling your radiators, motorised valves or underfloor heating manifold you can have full control. For example your bedroom and bathroom could come on in the morning, your kitchen and living room at lunchtime and your lounge in the evening, all set to their own ideal temperature. It means you only heat the parts of your house that you're using, rather the entire house still with a set back temperature.

Evohome is built from components that are tied together wirelessly to create your heating system. You can chose the extent of the system required for your needs.

From the base pack composed of a wireless pad & relay (replaces the thermostat and heating controls of a regular heating system ) you can then expand and improve the system over time by adding hot water , radiator valves or underfloor heating controls.

While most smart heating systems replace the thermostat and timer controls in your home, the Evohome is a true room-by-room heating system.

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